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The Cold War


It's hard to realise that this is my life. Fighting a war over magic, between those that have it and those that believe that we are a defect something that needs to be whipped from existence. My life has taken a strange turn it seems, but this is not the weirdest part of my life. A blast of energy goes off near me; I look at the scorch mark on the grass besides me momentarily. Damn that was close. Now where was I... oh, right the weirdest part is my friends, who have become my family now. I look down the line of the trench we now find ourselves in, a side effect of the timeshifts weapon one of our own let of thinking it was a standard toaster. Our presence as always unseen by the rest of the world due to our somebody-else's-problem bubble we have creating through our shared magical link to hide us and our fight in plain sight. Our private little war goes on.

The woman next to me in dressed in her tight fitting bodysuit; you would think her human until you notice her reptilian eyes; she yells out an old Sauroblood battle cry as she sends another blast of ice across the battle field that was Central Park. I smile as our companion leaps into the air sending off bolts of lightning from her four hands, mixing with the ice to form a powerful blast. Their double teaming has gotten better and better since this whole mess started so long ago. Only problem is that it attracted unwanted attention. We both saw it at the same time a beam heading for our four-armed companion; whom had just landed after her leap; she had little time to react before our saurian friend leaped in front of the beam yelling out her spirit sisters' name. She took the full blast to the chest from the strange beam, she started to convulse on the ground in front of us desperately reaching down to her waist as she screamed in pain. Tears streaming down her face as her pants tightened up on her, ridding up her legs as the pants shrunk down three sizes.

The sight of the young sauroblood pants shrinking started our young gunner to snigger loudly. She glares at him with "The Look" before sending a girling spell at him, causing his waist to contract in and a large bosom to burst through his chest as he becomes female again. The look of annoyance on her new fully made up face was soon replaced by concentration as a blast goes off near her. I often thought that he liked this war too much.

The young woman near them stares at the two bickering friends, her bright blue-greenish eyes easily displaying her annoyance at them for once again arguing and nearly fighting about a ka-girling. She has such grace when fighting with her magic, she aims not to hurt but rather contain this fight. Like me she does not come to this line of fighting naturally, she would rather have avoided this confrontation here in such a public place. She helps maintain the bubble not letting the strain of the spell show in her face, or in her fighting as another blast rocks us into a more futuristic setting.

I finally catch sight of our two unlikely comrades, her raven black hair and Russian uniform set her apart of the rest of our team. She smirks and laughs as she teleports with ease small pellets into the air above the enemy lines, with the snap of her fingers the pellets rapidly increase in size forming large SUV's which crash down to the ground with great force. She used to use the same trick went interrogating prisoners. Teleporting a shrunken car into their brains, slowly increasing its size until they told her what she wanted to know. None lived long after these interrogations. I shudder at the memory. The young woman next to her caresses her back, enjoying the thrill of her lovers' carnage. It sickens me sometimes that we are allied with them, I know there is good within them somewhere, but at the moment they fight to save their own hides not because it is right.

A massive shockwaves crashes its way across the battle field, I brace myself for contact but was not ready for the pain that rushed through me. My mind went blank as the world dissolved around us. I awoke moments later to find a boot ready to kick me in the face, I tried to block it with magic but I felt drained. The Solider kicked me in the face with his thick steal toe capped boots, the force of the kick made me roll over. I could taste blood as I looked to see the rest of Central Park in flames, our bubble had burst, and the timeshifts and our private war had escaped into the rest of New York. This was not meant to happen, none of this was meant to happen. A tear runs down my cheek mixing with my blood and the dirt on my face. When did this all go wrong...
Well here it is my latest attempted at writing a story.

Characters in this prologue are unnamed but belong to the following people.

Azzy (C):icondfreak235:

Rappy (C):iconraptorial:

Zalloy (C) :iconzalloy:

Natasha (C) :iconnatasha-onatopp:

Kiao (C) Kiao

The rest are (C) Me
kellic77 Featured By Owner May 8, 2008  Student Writer
I'd had fun reading was filled with great details. It really caught my minds interst....:)
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